Past Seminars 1997-2000

Speaker Title Date
Dr. Richard Wright
Dept. of Geography San Diego State University
Environmental Vulnerability assessment of the Tijuana River watershed
November 10, 2000
Steve Fleischli
Executive Director Santa Monica Baykeeper
Stopping polluting one at a time: The role of the Santa Monica Baykeeper
October 6, 2000
Dr. Lisa Levin
Marine Life Research Group Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Oxygen minimum zone influence on macrobenthic community structure and function
September 15, 2000
Dr. Larry Allen
California State University, Northridge
Warships, eelgrass, and fish: The San Diego Bay connection, 1994-1999
June 2, 2000
Dr. Eric Reichard
U.S. Geological Survey
USGS ground water studies of the coastal Los Angeles Basin
May 5, 2000
Chad Nelsen
Surfrider Foundation
Surfrider's beachscape: A community-based coastal mapping program
April 7, 2000
Dr. Lee-Lueng Fu
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Oceanography from satellite radar altimetry: Results from the TOPEX/POSEIDON Mission
March 8, 2000
Walter McLeod. Clean Beaches Council
Blue wave campaign: Sustainable beaches through water quality
January 28, 2000
Steve Aceti, J.D.
California Coastal Coalition
Beach replenishment in southern California
December 3, 1999
Dr. Bob King
EPA Office of Water
EPA's New STORET Data management system
October 29, 1999
Dr. John Helly
University of California, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Visualization of Ecological and Environmental Data
October 1, 1999
Dr. Tom Grieb
Tetra Tech
South San Francisco Bay Copper and Nickel TMDL
September 10, 1999
Joan Hartmann
Southern California Wetlands Clearinghouse
Wetlands recovery in southern California
May 7, 1999
Naiming Wang
Dynamic modelling of wetland water quality functions
May 3, 1999
Drew Ackerman
Two case studies: a new flow routing technique for a multi-boundried grid and a water quality study in northern Kentucky
April 23, 1999
Dr. Rick Gersberg
San Diego State University
GIS characterization of metal loading in the Tijuana River watershed
March 12, 1999
Dr. Jeffrey Frithsen
US Environmental Protection Agency National Center for Environmental Assessment
Integrating data in heterogeneous, distributed environments: The need for a common environmental resource directory
February 5, 1999
Gary Robbins Pat Brennen
Orange County Register
Why Science reporting is so bad
December 4, 1998
Dr. Patrick McLaren
GeoSea Consulting (Canada)
The Use of Sediment Trend Analysis (STA) in Marine and Coastal Planning
November 6, 1998
Dr. Tony Michaels
University of Southern California, Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies
Atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and iron: processes, patterns and elemental mass balances in the Atlantic Ocean.
October 9, 1998
Dr. Warner Chabot
Center for Marine Conservation
Relative role of scientists and citizen groups in water quality monitoring and policy
September 25, 1998
Dr. Dale Kiefer
University of Southern California
Remote sensing and coastal management of water quality and water use
May 8, 1998
Dr. Sam Luoma
U.S. Geological Survey
Using long-term bioaccumulation studies to understand and monitor exposure of benthos to trace metals
April 3, 1998
Dr. John Lindsay
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Seattle
The potential application of laser line scan system for benthic habitat assessment
March 13, 1998
Dr. John Brock
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Surveying beaches with aircraft LIDAR
February 13, 1998
Dr. Rachel Noble
University of Southern California Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies
Fates of viruses in the marine environment
January 9, 1998
Dr. Jack Anderson
Columbia Analytical Services
Potential use of a human cell response (P450-RGS) in environmental monitoring program
December 5, 1997
Dr. Keith Stolzenbach
University of California, Los Angeles
Integrated modeling of the southern California coastal ocean
November 7, 1997
Dr. Holly Price
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Marine and watershed quality and monitoring issues for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
September 12, 1997
David Lapota
US Naval Research & Development, San Diego
Biological Assessment of effluents and marine sediments with a rapid toxicity test (QwikLite)
August 1, 1997
Dr. Mia Tegner
Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Kelp Forests, ocean climate, and anthropogenic impacts
June 20, 1997
Dr. Steven Murray
California's rocky seashores: Identifying the balance between long-term conservation of living resources and short term pressures for human use
June 6, 1997
Dr. Penny Sue Perkins
Department of Medicine, Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Parasitism of Pacific sanddabs by copepod eye parasites
May 9, 1997
Dr. John Cubit
Ecological fundamentals in natural resources damage assessment
April 4, 1997
Dennis Kelley
Orange Coast College
Marine mammals in Southern California: Pollution and monitoring possibilities
March 7, 1997
Dr. Geraldine Knatz
Port of Long Beach
Environmental issues associated with the Port of Long Beach
February 7, 1997
Dr. Peter Kozelka
UC Santa Cruz
Chemical speciation
January 9, 1997
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