SCCWRP periodically hosts scientific forums, conferences, and symposia that relate to research projects or core organizational goals. These serve to promote interaction across sectors and address major questions facing the scientific and management community. More information on some of these past or upcoming events can be found below.

Past Events:

State-of-the-Science: Fecal Source Identification and Associated Risk Assessment Tools (November 28-29, 2012)

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Technical Workshop: Guidance on Passive Sampling Methods to Improve Management of Contaminated Sediments (November 7-9, 2012)

Open Source GIS Workshop (March 31, 2012)

Coastal Habitat Conservation in a Changing Climate: Strategies and Tools for Southern California (November 16-17, 2011)

Episodic Stream Channels: Imperatives for Assessment and Environmental Planning in California (November 8-10, 2010)

Final Report

(Video) Field Trip to North Etiwanda Preserve

Workshop on Resource Protection Guideline Development Related to Coastal Regional Sediment Management (August 4, 2010)

Second Regional Workshop for Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in California Coastal Waters (July 22, 2010)

Ocean Acidification Impacts on Shellfish Workshop (July 7-8, 2010)

Managing Contaminants of Emerging Concern in California: Developing Processes for Prioritizing, Monitoring, and Determining Thresholds of Concern (April 28-29, 2009)

Water Quality Effects of Post-Fire Runoff (August 18-19, 2008)

Regional Workshop for Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in California Coastal Waters (April 2-3, 2008)

Reference Condition Management Program to Support Biological Assessment of California's Wadeable Streams (October 17-19, 2007)

Managing Runoff to Protect Natural Streams (October 2-3, 2005)

Microbiological Source Tracking Workshop (February 5-7, 2002)