All SCCWRP publications co-authored by Dr. Kristine Taniguchi-Quan
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Wolfand, J.M., A. Sytsma, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, E.D. Stein, T.S. Hogue. 2023. Impact of wastewater reuse on contaminants of emerging concern in an effluent-dominated river. Frontiers in Environmental Science DOI:10.3389/fenvs.2023.1091229.

Journal Article20231349Ecohydrology, Emerging Contaminants

Taniguchi-Quan, K.T., K. Irving, R. Darling, D. Kim, H. McMillan, E.D. Stein. 2023. Risk-Decision Framework for Evaluating Vulnerability of Streams to Hydrologic Alteration. Technical Report 1322. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20231322Bioassessment, Ecohydrology

Biggs, T., A. Zeigler, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan. 2022. Runoff and sediment loads in the Tijuana River: Dam effects, extreme events, and change during urbanization. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 42:101162.

Journal Article20221277Ecohydrology, Runoff Water Quality

Murphy, B.M., K. Russell, C.C. Stillwell, R. Hawley, M. Scoggins, K.G. Hopkins, M.J. Burns, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, K.H. Macneal, R. Smith. 2022. Closing the gap on wicked urban stream restoration problems: A framework to integrate science and community values. Freshwater Science 41:3.

Journal Article20221273Bioassessment, Ecohydrology, Runoff Water Quality, Stormwater BMPs

Hawley, R.J., K. Russell, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan. 2022. Restoring geomorphic integrity in urban streams via mechanistically‑based storm water management: minimizing excess sediment transport capacity. Urban Ecosystems DOI:10.1007/s11252-022-01221-y.

Journal Article20221260Ecohydrology, Stormwater BMPs

Taniguchi-Quan, K.T., K. Irving, R.A. Wildman Jr., A. Poresky, J.R. Feldman, E.D. Stein, A. Aprahamian, C. Rivers, G. Sharp. 2022. Evaluation of Hydrologic Alteration to Inform Flow Management Decisions in South Orange County Coastal Watersheds. Technical Report 1245. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20221245Ecohydrology

Grantham, T.E., D.M. Carlisle, J. Howard, B. Lane, R. Lusardi, A. Obester, S. Sandoval-Solis, B. Stanford, E.D. Stein, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, S.M. Yarnell, J.K.H. Zimmerman. 2022. Modeling Functional Flows in California’s Rivers. Frontiers in Environmental Science 10:787473.

Journal Article20221255Ecohydrology

Wolfand, J.M., K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, R. Abdi, E. Gallo, K. Irving, D. Philippus, J.B. Rogers, E.D. Stein, T.S. Hogue. 2022. Balancing water reuse and ecological support goals in an effluent dominated river. Journal of Hydrology X 15:100124.

Journal Article20221250Ecohydrology

Taniguchi-Quan, K.T., K. Irving, E.D. Stein, A. Poresky, R.A. Wildman Jr., A. Aprahamian, C. Rivers, G. Sharp, S.M. Yarnell, J.R. Feldman. 2022. Developing Ecological Flow Needs in a Highly Altered Region: Application of California Environmental Flows Framework in Southern California, USA. Frontiers in Environmental Science 10:787631.

Journal Article20221252Ecohydrology

Irving, K., K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, A. Aprahamian, C. Rivers, G. Sharp, R.D. Mazor, S. Theroux, A. Holt, R. Peek, E.D. Stein. 2022. Application of Flow-Ecology Analysis to Inform Prioritization for Stream Restoration and Management Actions. Frontiers in Environmental Science 9:787462.

Journal Article20221251Ecohydrology

Sutula, M., J. Butcher, M. Schmidt, C. Boschen, R.D. Mazor, D.J. Gillett, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, K. Irving, D. Shultz. 2022. Science Supporting Decisions on Biostimulatory Targets and Management of Eutrophication in the Main Stem of the Santa Margarita River Watershed. Technical Report 1185. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20221185Climate Change, Eutrophication, Harmful Algal Blooms

Abdi, R., A. Rust, J.M. Wolfand, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, K. Irving, D. Philippus, E.D. Stein, T.S. Hogue. 2022. Thermal Suitability of the Los Angeles River for Cold Water Resident and Migrating Fish Under Physical Restoration Alternatives. Frontiers in Environmental Science 9:749085.

Journal Article20221241Ecohydrology

Stein, E.D., J. Zimmerman, S.M. Yarnell, B. Stanford, B. Lane, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, A. Obester, T.E. Grantham, R.A. Lusardi, S. Sandoval-Solis. 2021. The California Environmental Flows Framework: Meeting the Challenges of Developing a Large-Scale Environmental Flows Program. Frontiers in Environmental Science 9:769943.

Journal Article20211228Climate Change, Ecohydrology

Stein, E.D., K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, J. Wolfand, E. Gallo, K. Irving, D. Philippus, R. Abdi, V. Hennon, A. Tinoco, P. Mohammadi, A. Rust, T.S. Hogue. 2021. Process and Decision Support Tools for Evaluating Flow Management Targets to Support Aquatic Life and Recreational Beneficial Uses of the Los Angeles River: Los Angeles River Environmental Flows Project. Technical Report 1196. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20211196Ecohydrology

Abdi, R., J.B. Rogers, A. Rust, J.M. Wolfand, D. Philippus, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, K. Irving, E.D. Stein, T.S. Hogue. 2021. Simulating the thermal impact of substrate temperature on ecological restoration in shallow urban rivers. Journal of Environmental Management DOI:10.1016/j.jenvman.2021.112560.

Journal Article20211195Ecohydrology

Stein, E.D., J. Wolfand, R. Abdi, K. Irving, V. Hennon, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, D. Philippus, A. Tinoco, A. Rust, E. Gallo, C. Bell, T.S. Hogue. 2021. Assessment of Aquatic Life Use Needs for the Los Angeles River. Technical Report 1154. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20211154Climate Change, Ecohydrology

Taniguchi-Quan, K.T., R.D. Mazor, J.S. Brown, R. Guill, M. Yeager, A. Suter, J. Rudolph, W. Isham, S. Johnson. 2020. 2018-2019 Report on the SMC Stream Survey. Technical Report 1127. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20201127Bioassessment, Ecohydrology, Regional Monitoring, Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition

Gudino-Elizondo, N., T.W. Biggs, R.L. Bingner, E.J. Langendoen, T. Kretzschmar, E.V. Taguas, K.T. Taniguchi-Quan, D. Liden, Y. Yuan. 2019. Modelling Runoff and Sediment Loads in a Developing Coastal Watershed of the US-Mexico Border. Water 11:1024.

Journal Article20191078Ecohydrology