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Wang, P., J. Li, M.Y. Xie, C.C. Wu, C.S. Wong, E.Y. Zeng. 2024. Utility of a modified o-DGT passive sampler for measurement of bisphenol analogues in freshwater and coastal waters. Science of the Total Environment 931:172978.

Journal Article20241377Emerging Contaminants

Le-Duy Pham, A., P. Damien, D. McCoy, M. Mar, F. Kessouri, J.C. McWilliams, J. Moffett, D. Bianchi. 2024. The Shelf-To-Basin Transport of Iron From the Northern U.S. West Coast to the Pacific Ocean. Global Biogeochemical Cycles DOI:10.1029/2023GB008029.

Journal Article20241376Climate Change, Eutrophication

Brander, S.M., A. Konig, B.C. Almroth, L.M. Thornton Hampton. 2024. The Potential for Toxicity to Fishes from Micro- and Nanoplastics, and Their Additives. in: K.L. Willett, N. Aluru (eds.), Toxicology of Fishes (2nd ed.) pp. 362-391. CRC Press. Boca Raton, FL.

Book Chapter20241374Emerging Contaminants, Trash Pollution

Mehinto, A.C., S.M. Brander, S. Siddiqui. 2024. Adverse Outcome Pathways and Their Relevance. in: S. Siddiqui, S.M. Brander (eds.), Aquatic Ecotoxicology: Understanding Pollutants, Aquatic Organisms, and their Environments pp. 139-145. Springer Cham. New York, NY.

Book Chapter20241375Emerging Contaminants

Mayer, P.M., K.D. Moran, E.L. Miller, S.M. Brander, S. Harper, M. Garcia-Jaramillo, V. Carrasco-Navarro, K.T. Ho, R.M. Burgess, L.M. Thornton Hampton, E.F. Granek, M. McCauley, J.K. McIntyre, E.P. Kolodziej, X. Hu, A.J. Williams, B.A. Beckingham, M.E. Jackson, R.D. Sanders-Smith, C.L. Fender, G.A. King, M. Bollman, S.S. Kaushal, B.E. Cunningham, S.J. Hutton, J. Lang, H.V. Goss, S. Siddiqui, R. Sutton, D. Lin, M. Mendez. 2024. Where the rubber meets the road: Emerging environmental impacts of tire wear particles and their chemical cocktails. Science of the Total Environment 927:171153.

Journal Article20241373Emerging Contaminants, Trash Pollution

Rothman, J.A., A. Saghir, A.G. Zimmer-Faust, K. Langlois, K. Raygoza, J.A. Steele, J.F. Griffith, K.L. Whiteson. 2024. Longitudinal Sequencing and Variant Detection of SARS-CoV-2 across Southern California Wastewater. Applied Microbiology 4:635-649.

Journal Article20241372Microbial Risk Assessment, Microbial Source Tracking, Microbial Water Quality

Wong, C.S., S. Coffin, C.M. Rochman, S.B. Weisberg. 2024. Informing methods for detecting and quantifying microplastics through the lens of a global intercalibration exercise: An editorial overview of the special issue and beyond. Chemosphere 356:141662.

Journal Article20241371Emerging Contaminants, Trash Pollution

Doughty, C.L., H. Gu, R.F. Ambrose, E.D. Stein, E. Borgnis Sloane, M. Martinez, K.C. Cavanaugh. 2024. Climate drivers and human impacts shape 35-year trends of coastal wetland health and composition in an urban region. Ecosphere DOI:10.1002/ecs2.4832.

Journal Article20241370Climate Change, Sea Level Rise

Lie, A., A.G. Zimmer-Faust, R.E. Diner, E. Kunselman, Z. Daniel, K. Van Artsdalen, M.C. Salas Garcia, J.A. Gilbert, D. Shultz, J. Chokry, K. Langlois, J. Smith. 2024. Understanding the risks of co-exposures in a changing world: a case study of dual monitoring of the biotoxin domoic acid and Vibrio spp. in Pacific oyster. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 196:447.

Journal Article20241369Eutrophication, Harmful Algal Blooms

Kessouri, F., M. Sutula, D. Bianchi, M. Ho, P. Damien, J.C. McWilliams, C.A. Frieder, L. Renault, H. Frenzel, K. McLaughlin, C. Deutsch. 2024. Cross-shore transport and eddies promote large scale response to urban eutrophication. Scientific Reports 14:7240.

Journal Article20241368Climate Change, Eutrophication