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Latest SCCWRP publications

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Mazor, R.D., J.S. Brown, R. Darling. 2023. Ecological conditions of dry streams in the Los Angeles region. Technical Report 1333. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20231333Bioassessment

Stein, E.D., C.L. Jerde, E. Andruszkiewicz Allan, A.J. Sepulveda, C.L. Abbott, M.R. Baerwald, J. Darling, K.D. Goodwin, R.S. Meyer, M.A. Timmers, P.M. Thielen. 2023. Critical considerations for communicating environmental DNA science. Environmental DNA DOI:10.1002/edn3.472.

Journal Article20231339Bioassessment, DNA Barcoding

Gillett, D.J., A. Holt. 2023. Options, Impediments, and Supports for the Development of an Eelgrass (Zostera marina) Habitat Occupancy Model in the Embayments of Southern California. Technical Report 1334. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA.

Technical Report20231334Bioassessment

Mehinto, A.C., B. Du, E. Wenger, Z. Tian, E.P. Kolodziej, D. Apeti, K.A. Maruya. 2023. Bioanalytical and non-targeted mass spectrometric screening for contaminants of emerging concern in Southern California bight sediments. Chemosphere 331:138789.

Journal Article20231338Bioanalytical Cell Screening Assays, Emerging Contaminants, Sediment Quality

Arzeno-Soltero, I.B., B.T. Saenz, C.A. Frieder, M.C. Long, J. DeAngelo, S.J. Davis, K.A. Davis. 2023. Large global variations in the carbon dioxide removal potential of seaweed farming due to biophysical constraints. Communications Earth and Environment 4:185.

Journal Article20231337Climate Change, Ocean Acidification And Hypoxia

Kelly, R.P., D.M. Lodge, K.N. Lee, S. Theroux, A.J. Sepulveda, C.A. Scholin, J.M. Craine, E.A. Allan, K.M. Nichols, K.M. Parsons, K.D. Goodwin, Z. Gold, F.P. Chavez, R.T. Noble, C.L. Abbott, M.R. Baerwald, A.M. Naaum, P.M. Thielen, A.L. Simons, C.L. Jerde, J.J. Duda, M.E. Hunter, J.A. Hagan, R.S. Meyer, J.A. Steele, M.Y. Stoeckle, H.M. Bik, C.P. Meyer, E.D. Stein, K.E. James, A.C. Thomas, E. Demir-Hilton, M.A. Timmers, J.F. Griffith, M.J. Weise, S.B. Weisberg. 2023. Toward a national eDNA strategy for the United States. Environmental DNA DOI:10.1002/edn3.432.

Journal Article20231336Bioassessment, DNA Barcoding

Thornton Hampton, L.M., H. De Frond, K. Gesulga, S. Kotar, W. Lao, C. Matuch, S.B. Weisberg, C.S. Wong, S. Brander, S. Christansen, C.R. Cook, F. Du, S. Ghosal, A.B. Gray, J. Hankett, P.A. Helm, K.T. Ho, T. Kefela, G. Lattin, A. Lusher, L. Mai, R.E. McNeish, O. Mina, E.C. Minor, S. Primpke, K. Rickabaugh, V.C. Renick, S. Singh, B.V. Bavel, F. Vollnhals, C.M. Rochman. 2023. The influence of complex matrices on method performance in extracting and monitoring for microplastics. Chemosphere 334:138875.

Journal Article20231335Emerging Contaminants, Trash Pollution

McLaughlin, K., R.D. Mazor, M. Sutula, K.C. Schiff. 2023. Regional assessment of trash in Southern California coastal watersheds, United States. Frontiers in Environmental Science 11:1210201.

Journal Article20231332Regional Monitoring, Southern California Bight Regional Monitoring Program, Trash Pollution

Lohmann, R., B. Vrana, D. Muir, F. Smedes, J. Sobotka, E.Y. Zeng, L. Bao, I.J. Allan, P. Astrahan, R.O. Barra, T. Bidleman, E. Dykyi, N. Estoppey, G. Fillmann, N. Greenwood, P.A. Helm, L. Jantunen, S. Kaserzon, J.V. Macias, K.A. Maruya, F. Molina, B. Newman, R.M. Prats, M. Tsapakis, M. Tysklind, B.L. van Drooge, C.J. Veal, C.S. Wong. 2023. Passive-Sampler-Derived PCB and OCP Concentrations in the Waters of the World—First Results from the AQUA-GAPS/MONET Network. Environmental Science and Technology 57:9342-9352.

Journal Article20231331Emerging Contaminants

Rothman, J.A., A. Saghir, S. Chung, N. Boyajian, T. Dinh, J. Kim, J. Oval, V. Sharavanan, C. York, A.G. Zimmer-Faust, K. Langlois, J.A. Steele, J.F. Griffith, K.L. Whiteson. 2023. Longitudinal metatranscriptomic sequencing of Southern California wastewater representing 16 million people from August 2020–21 reveals widespread transcription of antibiotic resistance genes. Journal of Water Research 329:119421.

Journal Article20231329Microbial Risk Assessment, Microbial Water Quality