Additional Research Areas

Most SCCWRP research falls under one of the agency’s eight thematic research areas, but SCCWRP also works across other research themes that have yet to grow into broad, encompassing research lines. These additional projects and programs play a vital role in helping SCCWRP effectively meet both the short-term and long-term R&D needs of its 14 member agencies.

Additional research areas at SCCWRP include:

  • Trash Pollution: As trash enters aquatic environments from diffuse sources, SCCWRP is exploring how to track its spread in aquatic systems, how it to methodically assess ecosystem impacts, and how to comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of various management interventions intended to reduce trash loading. Learn more »
  • Stormwater and Urban Runoff: With an ever-present need to improve the quality of land-based runoff being discharged into watersheds and the coastal zone, SCCWRP is working to better understand the fate and transport of waterborne contaminants, where the contamination is coming from, and how to optimize the design and placement of various stormwater best management practices (BMPs). Learn more »