Database being compiled to probe quality-assurance issues with Ceriodaphnia toxicity test

Posted October 29, 2021

SCCWRP is compiling a comprehensive database of historical information from nearly 1,000 Ceriodaphnia dubia toxicity tests as part of an ongoing, two-year effort to ensure that this commonly used toxicity test is capable of producing consistently high-quality, comparable results.

The database, expected to be completed in mid-November, will enable researchers to investigate concerns about the repeatability and consistency of the Whole Effluent Toxicity C. dubia chronic reproduction test. The test is a standardized toxicity test that uses a species of water flea to evaluate the quality of wastewater and stormwater discharges.

In the coming months, researchers plan to conduct a meta-analysis of the database to identify potential issues that could be affecting quality and comparability of toxicity testing results.

The C. dubia toxicity database encompasses information about laboratory-specific procedures, reproduction and survival data, and water quality data. The information was provided by 17 State-accredited laboratories.

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