CTAG user groups delve into next-gen tech projects at first meetings

Posted August 7, 2015
Members of the new CTAG Data Acquisition Users Group discuss their pilot effort to adapt field data entry forms for use on mobile platforms at their first meeting in May at SCCWRP. The group is an outgrowth of a day-long planning workshop between SCCWRP and CTAG staff about the future of information technology and visualization research.

Two new CTAG user groups that will pool together resources and expertise from SCCWRP’s member agencies to tackle next-generation data acquisition and visualization technology projects met for the first time in May and June.

The Data Acquisition Users Group, which met May 26, decided to move forward with a pilot project that will adapt field data entry forms for use on mobile platforms. A subset of this user group met again a month later, on June 24, to develop specific guidelines and protocols for writing and organizing the code for this project.

The Analysis and Visualization Users Group, which met June 17, decided to begin developing web-based calculator tools to generate data for the SCCWRP-developed Fish Response Index and Fecal Indicator Bacteria Index. A follow-up meeting on August 4 attracted renowned statistician Dr. Andrew Robinson of the University of Melbourne in Australia, who provided expert guidance to group members.

Both user groups are an outgrowth of a day-long research planning workshop in January, when CTAG and SCCWRP staff came together to solidify the long-range vision for SCCWRP’s Information Technology & Visualization research area.

The user groups have been well-attended, attracting 15 to 16 participants each at their kickoff meetings. The Data Acquisition Users Group is led by Larry Cooper and Paul Smith of the SCCWRP Information Management & Analysis Department; the Analysis And Visualization Users Group is led by Shelly Moore.

The Data Acquisition Users Group already has scheduled its third meeting for Sept. 23, when members are scheduled to begin contributing code to the mobile data entry project.

For more information about the CTAG user groups, contact Dr. Steve Steinberg.

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