Draft protocols developed for standardizing DNA-based sampling, analysis methods

Posted October 30, 2020

A statewide workgroup led by SCCWRP that has been working to standardize DNA-based sampling and analysis methods for routine aquatic monitoring applications has released its first set of draft protocols for public review.

The Molecular Methods Workgroup’s draft documents, available online for public review through November 30, 2020, provide best-practices recommendations for DNA sampling in the field, for collection of environmental DNA from water, and for metadata reporting.

The goal of the workgroup, formed under the California Water Quality Monitoring Council in 2018, is to bring together multiple water-quality management agencies and research labs to develop standardized protocols that improve quality, consistency and comparability of molecular data statewide.

The workgroup also is working on additional draft protocols, including for sediment and biofilm sampling, DNA extraction, and bioinformatic approaches.

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