Environmental flow targets developed to protect Santa Clara River Estuary

Posted May 5, 2018

A scientific review panel that includes participation by SCCWRP has completed an analysis of the environmental flow needs of the Santa Clara River Estuary.

The flow target analysis, completed in June, marks the first time that SCCWRP has helped evaluate the flow regime necessary to protect the ecological integrity of an estuarine environment. SCCWRP’s previous flow target analyses have focused on protecting streams.

The goal of the analysis was to develop recommendations for the maximum ecologically sustainable discharge to the estuary that the City of Ventura should be allowed. All effluent above this level would be available to be diverted for recycling purposes.

The three-member review panel concluded that the City could divert about 95% of its effluent and still protect four priority Santa Clara River Estuary species sensitive to changes in flow.

The review panel did not come to the same conclusions as a previous flow target analysis commissioned by the City of Ventura.

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