Expert panel begins review of OAH modeling tools

Posted January 26, 2024

An independent panel of scientific experts has begun reviewing a set of modeling tools that predicts the ecological consequences of intensifying ocean acidification and hypoxia (OAH) in California coastal waters and the degree to which land-based activities are influencing this trajectory.

The six-member expert panel held three meetings in December and January, including a two-day, in-person meeting in Irvine.

At the in-person meeting, panelists reviewed the model validation steps that researchers took prior to using the models to predict how OAH conditions would be affected if land-based nutrient discharges into the coastal ocean are reduced.

The panel is tasked with quantifying the level of uncertainty associated with the coastal OAH modeling tools’ predictions, as well as weighing in on what additional steps are needed to improve management confidence in the modeling work.

The panel is expected to release a preliminary report in mid-February. Video recordings of the meetings are available on the panel’s website.

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