Expert panel updates recommendations for monitoring CECs in recycled water

Posted February 2, 2018

An expert advisory panel convened by SCCWRP on behalf of the State Water Board to update recommendations for monitoring CECs in recycled water has released its final draft report.

The draft recommendations, which were released January 31 for a 30-day public review period, will be considered for adoption by the State Water Board later this year as part of a comprehensive update to California’s recycled water policy. California’s existing policy for monitoring CECs in recycled water is based on the expert panel’s original 2010 recommendations.

Among the CEC Recycled Water Advisory Panel’s updated recommendations is a revised list of priority chemicals to monitor in potable reuse applications.

The panel also has recommended implementing a more comprehensive CEC screening framework that incorporates use of commercially available bioanalytical tools. Bioanalytical tools have the potential to provide a cost-effective method for rapidly screening recycled water for CECs.

While California’s existing recycled water policy covers non-potable landscape irrigation and groundwater recharge for indirect potable reuse, proposed amendments to the policy will extend it to cover additional applications, including crop irrigation and augmentation of drinking water reservoirs.

Monitoring of individual CECs and bioanalytical monitoring have been recommended for potable reuse applications, while the panel has deemed existing monitoring adequate for non-potable applications.

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