Experts help guide development of acidification assessment approach for Oregon

Posted January 27, 2023

A West Coast technical advisory committee that was convened last year to guide the State of Oregon in developing a standardized approach for assessing the effects of ocean acidification on coastal marine life has completed a synthesis of the science and offered guidance for developing Oregon’s assessment methodology.

The committee, which included participation by SCCWRP, was tasked with helping the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality develop an acidification assessment methodology that utilizes a combination of biological indicators and chemical measures to evaluate the health of marine aquatic life.

Following completion of the committee’s work in December, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality staff began working to draft the assessment methodology. The draft methodology is expected to be released for public comment this May.

Ocean acidification is intensifying along the West Coast, with coastal marine life in the Pacific Northwest disproportionately affected by changing seawater chemistry conditions.

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