Pair of calculator tools developed to streamline analysis of BMP performance data

Posted August 4, 2023

SCCWRP has developed a pair of open-source calculator tools to streamline and standardize how stormwater managers process raw monitoring data they’ve collected in the field on the performance of stormwater BMPs (best management practices).

The Rainfall and Flow Analysis Calculator and Flow-Weighting and EMC Calculator, which were published online last spring, convert raw BMP monitoring data that were generated by flow meters and water-quality samplers and sensors in the field, into information that can be used to quantify a BMP’s effectiveness in removing contaminants from runoff.

Stormwater managers traditionally have not had access to standardized methods for processing raw BMP data, leading to inconsistent approaches.

End users have already begun beta-testing the new calculator tools as part of their routine BMP data analysis activities.

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