Performance effectiveness of two non-structural BMPs to be quantified through SMC study

Posted May 6, 2022

The Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition (SMC) has decided to quantify the performance effectiveness of two types of non-structural stormwater BMPs (best management practices) – part of a renewed focus on understanding how these ubiquitous stormwater control measures contribute to improving runoff water quality.

During a SCCWRP-facilitated workshop in March, the SMC agreed to focus initially on studying street sweeping and catch basin cleaning.

Like other nonstructural BMPs, these two stormwater control measures have been widely incorporated into stormwater management plans across the region, despite a lack of Southern California-specific research quantifying their performance effectiveness.

SCCWRP will develop a study workplan in the coming months for the SMC’s approval. In the next fiscal year, the SMC is expected to issue an RFP (request for proposals) to implement the workplan.

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