Prototype L.A. County tool for rating BMP performance undergoing testing, calibration

Posted January 29, 2021

SCCWRP has begun working with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works to test and calibrate a new, SCCWRP-developed index scoring tool that rates the overall performance of various structural stormwater BMPs (best management practices) based on multiple discrete metrics.

The BMP performance index tool, which is undergoing continued development and an initial round of testing this winter, is intended to bring consistency and standardization to how L.A. County stormwater managers weigh and consider various performance-related data points – including for water quality, hydrology, maintenance and design – as they evaluate overall BMP performance.

L.A. County managers already collect data on BMP performance, but have historically not had access to a standardized tool for systematically integrating and comparing these data points.

Researchers hope the BMP performance index tool can aid L.A. County managers in making multi-million-dollar decisions about which structural BMPs to implement when and where – as well as identifying influential design features – to optimally improve water quality. The tool eventually could be adapted for use outside L.A. County.

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