SCCWRP aiding effort to transfer bioanalytical assay technology to end users

Posted February 1, 2019

SCCWRP has been working to build the California water-quality management community’s capacity to screen for bioactive contaminants using bioanalytical cell assays, a response to a State Water Board decision to begin incorporating the screening technology into some routine water-quality monitoring applications.

SCCWRP hosted two meetings last year – in September and November – that brought together cell assay vendors, consultants and the end-user community to discuss how to meet the new State requirements.

Separately, SCCWRP’s Dr. Alvina Mehinto has been asked to serve as an ex officio member of a newly formed statewide scientific advisory group that will guide California’s water recycling community in implementing the bioanalytical screening requirements.

The State Water Board in December 2018 adopted a policy amendment requiring bioanalytical screenings to be incorporated into monitoring of certain types of recycled water, including groundwater recharge for indirect potable reuse.

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