SCCWRP assembles expert panel to help set eutrophication indicator ranges for California streams

Posted October 28, 2016

SCCWRP has assembled a 16-member panel of experts to place stream sites across California into different classes based on the ecological health of their algae and bottom-dwelling macroinvertebrate communities, a classification approach known as the Biological Condition Gradient (BCG).

The work of the BCG panel will support the State Water Board in its ongoing effort to develop biointegrity policies that center around limiting nutrient inputs to streams. Excess nutrients are responsible for triggering eutrophication in wadeable streams statewide.

The BCG uses a consensus approach among experts to create eutrophication indicator ranges that correspond to particular levels of ecological condition. The State Water Board will use the ranges developed by the panel to understand what nutrient targets are appropriate and realistically attainable for a variety of common stream types across California, including highly modified streams.

The panel will hold its first two meetings at SCCWRP in December and January.

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