SCCWRP completes data collection for fish consumption study

Posted April 29, 2016

SCCWRP has completed a year-long effort to interview more than 1,600 San Diego Bay anglers about their fish consumption habits for a study that will ascertain whether local anglers and their families are being exposed to unsafe  levels of contamination in the fish they eat.

The information was collected by individually approaching and interviewing the anglers across San Diego Bay over a one-year period that ended in late April. SCCWRP used a custom-designed tablet app to store and transmit this data.

Anglers were asked what types of fish they catch from the bay and how often they consume these fish, as well as a variety of demographic information. About 1,100 anglers provided responses to every question.

SCCWRP is analyzing the data and will publish its findings this fall.

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