SCCWRP partners with new undergraduate fellowship program to advance climate change research

Posted October 28, 2022

SCCWRP has partnered with a newly launched California undergraduate fellowship program to train a new generation of students to help solve pressing societal issues.

The #CaliforniansforAll College Corps Fellowship Program – an initiative of the Office of the Governor launched earlier this year – will initially place two students at SCCWRP from nearby Vanguard University in Costa Mesa.

The initial cohort of Climate Action Fellows will work part time in SCCWRP’s Biogeochemistry Department on a range of research projects related to climate change, including harmful algal blooms, ocean acidification and eutrophication. The State-funded program will pay the fellows a stipend to help with college expenses.

Over the next four years, more than 10,000 college students will be placed in fellowship positions across California to tackle issues across three priority areas: climate action, K-12 education, and food security.

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