Sites being identified for evaluating effectiveness of stormwater BMPs

Posted November 8, 2019

The Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition (SMC) has begun identifying about a half-dozen sites that will serve as case studies for examining the effectiveness of stormwater BMPs (best management practices) in improving stream condition.

As part of the SMC’s 2019-2023 Regional Watershed Monitoring Program, researchers will compare ecological condition at stream sites that receive BMP-treated stormwater to ecologically similar sites that lack BMPs. The candidate sites encompass a broad range of stormwater control measures, including structural (e.g., detention basins) and non-structural (e.g., street sweeping, habitat restoration).

Researchers will focus on using integrative measures of aquatic life, including the California Stream Condition Index, to measure effectiveness in protecting and improving receiving waters.

Monitoring programs for stormwater BMPs typically focus on evaluating performance of the BMP itself; rarely is receiving water quality tracked.

SCCWRP is seeking input from its member agencies prior to finalizing the list of case studies.

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