SMC kicks off second-year sampling with new program elements

Posted April 29, 2016

The Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition kicked off second-year sampling in March for the second cycle of its Regional Watershed Monitoring Program.

New program elements being incorporated into the second year include a special study evaluating the feasibility of adding sediment quality as an indicator of stream condition. SMC members from the Counties of Orange and Ventura are using protocols developed by the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program’s Stream Pollution Trends (SPoT) program to test stream sediment samples.

SMC participants also are documenting sediment characteristics to estimate the extent of streams across Southern California where sediment sampling will be feasible in future phases.

Finally, SMC participants are collecting additional data on features associated with engineered channels. SMC aims to use the ranges of observed conditions in different channel types to inform decisions regarding modified stream management and how to maximize their ability to support aquatic life uses.

SMC second-year sampling will continue through July.

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