SMC samples advance to nontargeted analysis phase of CEC monitoring framework

Posted April 29, 2016

SCCWRP and its collaborators have advanced some of the 31 water samples collected by the Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition (SMC) to the nontargeted phase of chemical analysis, a recognition that the initial bioanalytical testing has detected CECs in the water samples.

SCCWRP is analyzing the SMC samples using nontargeted chemical analysis, which involves separating and identifying chemicals based on physical and chemical characteristics.

These analyses are part of a SCCWRP pilot study test-driving the utility of a new, multi-tiered monitoring framework for detecting CECs in receiving waters. Each tier becomes progressively more complex, lengthy and costly to execute, giving managers an efficient, cost-effective way to zero in on the CECs that pose the greatest potential health risks.

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