Statewide effort launched to improve monitoring programs that support adaptive stormwater management

Posted August 7, 2020

SCCWRP has launched a statewide effort examining how to design monitoring programs that can optimally support stormwater managers’ adaptive management programs, where watershed management plans, including BMPs, are implemented on timescales of 10+ years.

The project, which began in July with the first meeting of a technical advisory committee, involves developing a statewide monitoring program framework intended to bring clarity, consistency and equity to how stormwater managers across California develop their adaptive management programs. The project will use a data-driven approach to identify modifications to existing watershed management plans that can reasonably assure increasingly positive outcomes for water quality.

Existing stormwater discharge permits sometimes use vague, conflicting language to describe adaptive management, leading to inconsistencies in monitoring program design and reporting requirements.

Although the framework is intended to provide statewide guidance, it will be designed to provide flexibility for stormwater managers to address regional concerns.

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