Steering committee convened to review ocean numerical model for mitigating climate change

Posted August 4, 2023

A steering committee has been convened to guide an upcoming, independent scientific review of a computer modeling tool that was developed by a team that includes SCCWRP to predict the trajectory of intensifying ocean acidification and hypoxia (OAH) in California coastal waters.

The charge of the steering committee – which was convened in May – is to assemble and oversee an independent panel of scientific experts that will review the coastal OAH model and weigh in on how much confidence is appropriate for managers to place in the OAH modeling predictions. The expert review panel is expected to begin meeting this winter.

The steering committee is made up of representatives from the regulated and regulatory communities – including multiple SCCWRP member agencies – as well as an environmental NGO (California Coastkeeper Alliance) and two ex officio science advisors. The steering committee’s work is being facilitated by the National Water Research Institute.

The coastal OAH model and associated biological interpretation tools predict, among other things, how discharges of land-based nutrients are expected to exacerbate OAH’s ecological effects in Southern California’s coastal ocean in the coming years – underscoring the importance of getting independent feedback on its relevance and value for management decision-making.

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