Study launched to develop standardized approach for tracking tobacco, e-cigarette waste in waterways

Posted August 7, 2019

SCCWRP and the San Francisco Estuary Institute have launched a year-long study to develop a standardized approach for tracking tobacco and e-cigarette waste in California waterways.

The study, which began in July in partnership with the California Department of Public Health’s Tobacco Control Program, will build off an ongoing study to develop standardized statewide methods for tracking the levels of all types of trash in watersheds. The broader study includes exploring how unmanned aerial systems, or drones, might be used to help quantify levels and types of trash in watersheds.

Researchers intend to train anti-tobacco programs and other stakeholders in the best-practices methodology that comes out of the study. Researchers also will help stakeholders tailor the method for application in their local communities.

The goal is to raise awareness of the potential of tobacco and e-cigarette waste to harm aquatic environments.

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