Training workshop developed to help managers use stream bioassessment data effectively

Posted April 28, 2023
Alison Furler from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, right, demonstrates field methods for collecting benthic macroinvertebrates from a stream during a “Bioassessment 101” training workshop co-developed by SCCWRP. The workshop is intended to help managers who don’t generate bioassessment data understand how to use these data sets to inform their decision-making.

SCCWRP and its partners have developed a training workshop intended to help managers understand how to appropriately use bioassessment data to protect and restore the health of wadeable streams statewide.

The “Bioassessment 101” workshop, which was held at SCCWRP in March and in Northern California last year, was developed for managers who are not involved in generating stream bioassessment data, but who could benefit from the insights provided by bioassessment data. Previous bioassessment training workshops have been geared at practitioner teams that generate bioassessment data.

The “Bioassessment 101” workshop was developed in parallel with a refreshed workshop for bioassessment practitioners. The practitioner trainings are expected to be offered again in 2024.

To request to participate in the bioassessment trainings, contact Dr. Raphael Mazor.

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