Dr. Joshua Steele

Dr. Joshua Steele is a microbiologist specializing in environmental microbiology, specifically identifying and tracking pathogens and naturally-occurring microbes in wastewater, coastal ocean water, and coastal watersheds using cutting edge molecular techniques (next generation sequencing and digital PCR). His research focuses on developing methods to detect and track human-associated bacteria and viruses and identify their sources in stormwater and coastal water, developing and standardizing methods for wastewater based epidemiology of pathogens including SARS-CoV-2, applying molecular techniques to track antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater and the environment, and using bioinformatics tools to link eDNA from natural populations to ecosystem health. He chairs the Wastewater Based Epidemiology Committee of the California Water Quality Monitoring Council. While at the California Institute of Technology, he focused on applying next-generation sequencing, metagenomics, metaproteomics, and biogeochemical rate measurements to study deep-sea methane seep microbial communities.

He received his Ph.D. in biological oceanography from the University of Southern California and his B.S. in molecular biology from the University of California, San Diego. He joined SCCWRP in January 2014.


Ph.D., marine environmental biology, University of Southern California, 2010

B.S., molecular biology, University of California, San Diego, 2000

Professional Experience

Senior Scientist, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, Costa Mesa, CA, 2021-present

Scientist, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, Costa Mesa, CA. 2014-2021

Associate Research Scientist, Geobiology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. 2013-2014

Postdoctoral Scholar in Geobiology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA. 2010-2013

Research Assistant, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. 2001-2010

Knauss Marine Policy Fellow: Legislative Assistant for Rep. Sam Farr (CA-17), U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC. 2008-2009

Teaching Assistant, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. 2001-2006

Doctoral Fellow, NSF Integrative Graduate Education, Research, and Training: Environmental Studies, Policy and Engineering- Sustainable Cities Program, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 2003-2004

Participant USC Sustainable Cities Internship in Hong Kong SAR, China 2004

Sea Grant Trainee, Beach Water Quality Study, 2002

Laboratory Technician, CalBioMarine Technologies, Inc. Carlsbad, CA 2000-2001

Professional Appointments

Associate Editor, Aquatic Microbiology Section, Frontiers in Microbiology/Frontiers in Marine Science, 2021-present

California Water Quality Monitoring Council Wastewater Based Epidemiology Committee, 2021-present

Honors and Awards

Knauss Sea Grant Fellowship in Marine Policy 2008-2009
Rose Hills Graduate Internship 2005, 2006
National Science Foundation IGERT Doctoral Fellowship in Sustainable Cities 2003-2004
Student travel Award ASLO Ocean Sciences Conference, Honolulu, HI 2004
Traineeship, USC Sea Grant Program 2002

Professional Societies and Certifications

American Geophysical Union
American Society for Microbiology
Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography
Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation

Selected Presentations and Conference Proceedings

Steele, J.A., K. Langlois, K.C. Schiff, and J.F. Griffith. Application of a Microbial Community Sequencing Approach to Identify Contamination from Sewers in an Urban Watershed. ASM Microbe, American Society for Microbiology. June 15-19, 2023. Houston, TX.

Steele, J.A. Measuring Bacteria and Viruses. How do we evaluate if waters are safe to swim in or shellfish are safe to eat? California Water Boards/CASQA California Bacterial Summit September 14-16, 2022. Sacramento, CA

Rothman, J.A., A. Saghir, J.A. Steele, A.G. Zimmer-Faust, K. Langlois, J.F. Griffith, K.L. Whiteson Longitudinal metatranscriptomic sequencing of Southern California wastewater from August 2020-21. American Society for Microbiology Microbe 2022 Washington D.C. June 9-13, 2022

Rothman, J.A., A. Saghir, J.A. Steele, A.G. Zimmer-Faust, K. Langlois, J.F. Griffith, K.L. Whiteson Longitudinal sequencing and variant detection of SARS-CoV-2 across Southern California wastewater from April 2020 – August 2021. American Society for Microbiology Microbe 2022 Washington D.C. June 9-13, 2022

Steele, J.A., A.G. Zimmer-Faust, M.Griffith, K.Langlois, J.F. Griffith. Using Digital PCR to Track Human Fecal Pollution Onshore and Offshore at an Enclosed Urban Harbor Beach. American Society for Microbiology Microbe 2022 Washington D.C. June 9-13, 2022

Steele, J.A. COVID-19 Epidemiological Monitoring in Wastewater - Methods Development and Standardization AWWA CA-NV Fall Meeting Virtual Conference October 19, 2021

Han, L., M. Atkinson, J. Chu, M. Tilahun, J. Steele, J. Griffith, A. Zimmer-Faust. Refining Sars-cov-2 RNA Wastewater Data Analysis For Improved Relationships With Covid-19 Case Counts American Society for Microbiology and Federation of European Microbiological Societies World Microbe Forum Virtual Conference June 20, 2021

Rothman, J. A. T. B. Loveless, J. Kapcia, III, E. D. Adams, J. A. Steele, A. G. Zimmer-Faust, J. F. Griffith, N. Boyajian, J. Oval, V. J. Sharavanan, K. L. Whiteson. RNA Viromics Of Southern California Wastewater And Single Nucleotide Variant Detection Of SARS-CoV-2 American Society for Microbiology and Federation of European Microbiological Societies World Microbe Forum Virtual Conference June 20, 2021

Steele, J.A. , A. G. Zimmer-Faust, J. F. Griffith, S. B. Weisberg.  Sources Of Variability In Methods For Processing, Storing, And Concentrating SARS-CoV-2 In Influent From Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants American Society for Microbiology and Federation of European Microbiological Societies World Microbe Forum Virtual Conference June 20, 2021


Journal Articles

Rothman, J.A., A. Saghir, A.G. Zimmer-Faust, K. Langlois, K. Raygoza, J.A. Steele, J.F. Griffith, K.L. Whiteson. 2024. Longitudinal Sequencing and Variant Detection of SARS-CoV-2 across Southern California Wastewater. Applied Microbiology 4:635-649.

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