Hydrologic modeling completed for stream vulnerability study in San Diego region

Posted August 9, 2022

SCCWRP has developed a set of hydrologic models for the San Diego region to support an ongoing study documenting how changes in stream flow patterns in the coming years are expected to affect sensitive aquatic species and habitats.

The hydrologic models, which were completed in July, explain how climate change, future land-use changes and changing water management practices will change stream flow patterns across the San Diego region.

Researchers intend to couple the hydrologic models with species distribution models – currently under development – to assess the vulnerability of sensitive species like the endangered arroyo toad to the anticipated stream flow alterations.

Watershed managers will be able to use the insights as part of a risk decision framework for prioritizing which streams to protect and restore. The work builds off a similar 2019 environmental flows analysis in the Los Angeles region focusing on climate change impacts.

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