This page allows you to search SCCWRP’s publication database for electronic documents. To browse documents grouped by topic area, go to the Research Areas section of the website and navigate to the related research page. Then click on the button marked “Selected Publications” at the bottom of the page.

Articles marked as “hard copy only” can be requested via email to or using the website contact form.

Document type:

There are several website functionalities that make it easier to locate SCCWRP documents:

• Perform a search on the Documents page. (Boolean operators may be used.)

• Type the title or report number into the Google™ website search (located in the upper right corner of each web page). Results can then be filtered using the “Technical Reports,” “Annual Reports,” “Journal Articles,” and “All Documents” links.

• Browse the Research Areas pages and use the “Selected Publications” button, or directly contact the individual listed for reference at the bottom of the page.

• For help in finding a specific publication, or to obtain a copy of a document for which an electronic version is not posted on the website, please fill out our Contact Form and check the box marked “Publication.”

• If the author of the publication you are seeking no longer works at SCCWRP, you may be able to contact them directly using the information on the Former Staff page.

• To find information on new research that has not yet been published, check the SCCWRP Research Plan, which contains short descriptions of current and planned projects for the next calendar year.