Journal Articles


(0827) Patterns and potential drivers of declining oxygen content along the Southern California coast. Request Only. 2014. JAT Booth, CB Woodson, M Sutula, F Micheli, SB Weisberg, SJ Bograd, A Steele, J Schoen, LB Crowder. Limnology and Oceanography 59:1127–1138. doi:10.4319/lo.2014.59.4.1127. ABSTRACT
(0810) Anthropogenic nutrient sources rival natural sources on small scales in the coastal waters of the Southern California Bight. Request Only. 2014. MDA Howard, M Sutula, DA Caron, Y Chao, JD Farrara, H Frenzel, B Jones, G Robertson, K McLaughlin, A Sengupta. Limnology and Oceanography 59:285–297. doi:10.4319/lo.2014.59.1.0285. ABSTRACT


(0799) Coastal upwelling linked to toxic Pseudo-nitzschia australis blooms in Los Angeles coastal waters, 2005–2007. Request Only. 2013. A Schnetzer, BH Jones, RA Schaffner, I Cetinic, E Fitzpatrick, PE Miller, EL Seubert, DA Caron. Journal of Plankton Research 35:1080–1092. ABSTRACT
(0763) Seasonal and annual dynamics of harmful algae and algal toxins revealed through weekly monitoring at two coastal ocean sites off southern California, USA. Request Only. 2013. EL Seubert, AG Gellene, MDA Howard, P Connell, M Ragan, BH Jones, J Runyan, DA Caron. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 20:6878-6895. ABSTRACT

Technical Reports


(0710.E) Appendix E. 2013. MDA Howard, G Robertson, M Sutula, BH Jones, NP Nezlin, Y Chao, H Frenzel, MJ Mengel, DA Caron, B Seegers, A Sengupta, E Seubert, DW Diehl, SB Weisberg. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. PREVIEW
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