Journal Articles


(0785) Using regional stormwater monitoring programs to provide reference data for wetland mitigation performance evaluation. Request Only. 2013. ED Stein. National Wetlands Newsletter 35:13-14. ABSTRACT
(0759) Evaluation of design-based sampling options for monitoring stream and wetland extent and distribution in California. Request Only. 2013. LG Lackey, ED Stein. Wetlands 33:717-725. ABSTRACT


(0664) Demonstration of an integrated watershed assessment using a three-tiered assessment framework. Request Only. 2011. CW Solek, ED Stein, M Sutula. Wetlands Ecology and Management 19:459-474. ABSTRACT

Technical Reports


(0706) Technical Design for a Status & Trends Monitoring Program to Evaluate Extent and Distribution of Aquatic Resources in California. 2012. ED Stein, LG Lackey. Technical Report 706. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. ABSTRACT PREVIEW


(0519) Wetland and riparian mapping within the rivers and mountains conservancy territory: a landscape profile. 2006. S Dark, DL Bram, M Quinones, LD Duong, J Patananan, J Dooley, M Antos, F Bashir, J Mejia, M Sutula, E Blok. Technical Report 519. Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. Costa Mesa, CA. PREVIEW
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