Journal Articles


(0789) Evaluation of the repeatability and reproducibility of a suite of qPCR-based microbial source tracking methods. Request Only. 2013. DL Ebentier, KT Hanley, Y Cao, BD Badgley, AB Boehm, JS Ervin, KD Goodwin, M Gourmelon, JF Griffith, PA Holden, CA Kelty, S Lozach, CMcGee, LA Peed, MR Raith, H Ryu, MJ Sadowsky, EA Scott, JS Domingo, A Schriewer, CD Sinigalliano, OC Shanks, LC Van De Werfhorst, D Wang, S Wuertz, JA Jay. Water Research 47:6839-6848. ABSTRACT


(0491) Comparison and verification of bacterial water quality indicator measurement methods using ambient coastal water samples. 2006. JF Griffith, LA Aumand, IM Lee, CD McGEE, LL Othman, KJ Ritter, KO Walker, SB Weisberg. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 116:335-344. PREVIEW


(0431) Comparison of bacterial indicator analysis methods in stormwater-affected coastal waters. Request Only. 2004. RT Noble, MK Leecaster, CD McGee, SB Weisberg, K Ritter. Water Research 38:1183-1188.


(0425) Recommendations for microbial source tracking: lessons from a methods comparison study. 2003. JR Stewart, RD Ellender, JA Gooch, S Jiang, SP Myoda, SB Weisberg. Journal of Water and Health 01.4:225-231. PREVIEW

Technical Reports


(0426) Rapid microbiological indicators methods. 2003. Alliance for Coastal Technologies. Workshop proceeding for Developers, Deliverers, and Users of Technologies for Monitoring Coastal Environments. UMCES Technical Reports Series TS-417-03-CBL. University of Maryland Solomons, MD. ABSTRACT PREVIEW
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